Why Should You Have A Selfie Mirror Hire At Your Wedding?

After decades of being a forerunner in the event hire industry, it appears that the popularity of photo booths are not going away. In fact, these event favourites have adapted to the advancements in technology and customer demand. Selfie mirrors have replaced the older style passport-style photo booths. So, what is selfie mirror hire and why should you use it at your wedding?

What Is A Selfie Mirror Booth Hire? 

As mentioned above, these are very similar in concept to the typical photo booth where multiple people gather inside of the booth to have their photos taken during events such as weddings. They have the option of using props and they end up with a fun and memorable photographic memento of the event.

However, a selfie mirror is a photo booth on steroids. These types of ‘photo booths’ are much more interactive and they are equipped with new benefits and features that will definitely make your wedding stand out from the others whilst also encouraging laughter and fun along the way.

So, with that said, what do you need to know about selfie mirror wedding hires and the benefits of having one at your wedding?

Non-Dancing Activity 

There are many different items that you can choose to hire for your big day, and selfie mirror hires have quickly become one of the crowd’s favourites. These types of hires offer guests an activity that is both fun and does not require lots of physical activity like dancing does.

Having the best wedding bands in Dublin is important for your big day. Even though dancing is fun and many guests enjoy moving to the music, it is likely that not all of your guests will feel that way. Some may enjoy dancing to one or two songs, but they will also want another fun option to enjoy whilst they are there.

This is one of the reasons why it is a great idea to provide your guests with an alternate activity to enjoy so they are not simply sitting down at the table and watching everyone else have fun. Selfie mirrors are perfect because they provide your guests with a dual purpose. They offer your guests a fun non-dancing activity and they also can give your guests a take-home party favour as well.

These selfie mirrors are ideal for everyone on your guest’s list. From the smallest flower girl to the groomsmen, college friends and even grandparents.

How Can You Hire A Selfie Mirror For Your Wedding? 

There are several ways that you can hire a selfie mirror for your wedding. There are some companies in Ireland that specialise in selfie mirror hires, but there are also options of hiring these mirrors from event hire companies, photographers and even DJs.

It is best to begin researching this part of your wedding reception at least six months before the wedding date. This will help to ensure that you are able to get the best hire prices. You can read reviews online of some of the top selfie mirror and hire companies that are near you to find out more about the experiences previous customers had with a specific company.

These reviews will also give you more insight into the services and products each company offers as well as their wedding hire costs. Keep in mind that you are hiring the selfie mirror by the hour in most cases, so the longer you want the selfie mirror to be at your wedding reception, the more your hire prices will be.

What Items May Be Included? 

Typically, the cost for a wedding selfie mirror hire will include:

    • The selfie mirror
    • An attendant
    • Setup and breakdown

However, depending on the company you choose for your hire, there may be other related accessories and items that may be included in your mirror hire or can be included for an extra charge.

For example, the event hire company may offer custom backdrops. These backdrops may be a complement to your wedding and the event hire company may work with the wedding planner or florist to create this type of backdrop. Some hire companies may even give guests the option to choose their own personalised backdrops.

If guests prefer a digital copy of their photos, there are options that will allow them to download the images onto their mobile devices. However, for guests that prefer a physical or hard copy of their photos, they can either them from a DVD or CD of images. This is a great way for guests to relive their fun night time and again whilst also remember all of their friends’ antics.


There are some selfie mirror hire companies that will provide guests with fun and silly props to give just an added touch to their selfie mirror experience.

Finally, with all of these advancements in technology, it is obvious that event hire companies have equipment that is integrated with social media. Guests will be able to easily post their images from the selfie mirror to the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What Are The Best Tips For Having A Selfie Mirror At Your Wedding? 

You will need to discuss with selfie mirror hire company about the setup and break down process for the equipment. Inquire about how long it will take them to set up the selfie mirror and take it down. You will need to make sure that they are able to access the venue for as long as necessary to make sure all of the equipment is working correctly.

It may also be a good idea to hire an attendant as well to make sure the selfie mirror is working as it should whilst your guests are in attendance. The attendant can also double as a crowd control manager because it is highly likely things may get a little hectic after your guests have had a few drinks.

Be sure to choose the right location for the selfie mirror. It will probably need to be near a power source and it should be in a location where there is enough room for both the mirror and your guests.

Selfie mirrors are fun and advanced replacements for the photo booth. They allow you and your guests to have a memorable and fun night at your wedding that will be preserved in photographic form for years to come.