Professional Drone Videos for Weddings was one of the first wedding companies to use drones over 3 years ago and we’ve turned it into a stunning feature of what we do. Drones are becoming a staple of TV and Film production now and whilst they are becoming cheaper to buy, you still need to be properly trained and need experienced pilots to operate them. We are fully trained by Aer Lingus pilots and have certification from the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority). We use 2 drones, a Phantom 4 Pro and a Mavic Pro to give us a number of options in various weather conditions and locations.

We use drones for both the scenery and venues which is probably why most of our weddings are in stunning locations or beautiful country house hotels, but we also use them to get a cinematic effect of movement during couples portraits and bridal party shots. Because there are 2 of us filming, we don’t need to compromise shooting with our regular cameras in order to achieve that amazing drone shot. The best part is that there’s no extra charge for us to use the drone, it’s part of our package and simply another tool in the box.

 Having a drone is something that many couples are interested in and it’s a question we get asked a lot, but it’s important to make sure this aspect of your wedding video is professionally done.

Why Use a Drone for your Wedding Day?

When it comes to wedding photography, drones are the next and upcoming thing. Photographers taking photographs will benefit immensely from these flying robots. These flying machines are fitted with a camera and are now being used to capture an aerial perspective and panoramic views of every wedding. Drones are a hot topic for cinematography and wedding photography. 

The full venue will be captured

Maximise the view at and around your wedding venue. It offers a great reason to show off the spectacular venue that you have chosen for your wedding day.

Great for Group Shots

Take your shots and bridal party footage to the next level with drones. Drones are the ideal solution for taking photographs of large groups of people.

They are a great distraction

Many guests will be amazed by one of these flying machines and it will add that extra entertainment value to your wedding day.