Promise Pictures - Wedding Photography are really excited to bring photo-journalist James Forde to the wedding scene in Ireland with his wedding brand Promise Pictures. James has worked overseas in Latin America and the US, with pictures published in the Washington Post and locally in all of the Irish newspapers. His style is observational documentary and extremely striking. It’s very different to a lot of what’s happening in the wedding industry at the moment. He poses very few shots and his style is all about his ability to observe and anticipate moments. Anticipation is the key here. If you want something a little quirky, a lot of B&W, something different but pictures that you’ll want to print and put on your wall as art, then James is for you.

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I have spent most of the last decade living abroad between London, California and Latin America where I honed my skills as a photographer and also learnt Spanish. I was a chef for many years before I got into photography but was driven by a hunger to discover more about myself and the world around him.The last few years I spent traversing through Latin America documenting social issues and conflict while perfecting my craft. I decided to move back home to Ireland last year to spend some time with family, work on new projects and re-connect with my home.

Driven by an insatiable appetite for knowledge and information, my obsession with photography is not so much about the medium itself but more about building a portfolio of visual knowledge while connecting with people and communities that I normally would never encounter.The camera has given me an excuse to continue travelling and asking questions.


Every wedding package is unique. I don't offer a straight out of the box solution because I want to talk to every one of my potential clients before they book and 100% ensure that I'm the right fit and that I agree a brief. The starting price is €1500 so this at least gives you an idea of the budget area to expect.

Digital Albums

All my packages are DIGITAL only. I deliver in the region of 350 pictures. These pictures are selected by me and edited to a high standard as per the images you see in the gallery. I allow one round of revisions. I supply the gallery online, you can review, you'll have an opportunity to suggest or discuss additions or changes, and then we'll provide the final gallery and supply you with a USB key with the images.

Contact James directly for enquiries at