Prices start at €2350

We treat each client individually and build a wedding video package that is tailored to their needs. There are a number of factors that help us reach a price for your wedding film but the starting price for further bookings 2020 and into 2021 is €2350.

When you enquire if you can give us as much information as you can, but the date and the venue are the main bits of info we need. It would also be great to know if you have a photographer booked and who it is.

Please read through the pricing factors below and let us know your basic preferences. Don’t forget, you don’t need to make a final decision on everything when you’re booking. Many clients book a basic package and add on extras later.

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Building a package

How we calculate the price...


We're based in Dublin so if we have to travel, we need to add on expenses for that. These can vary so we don't set a flat rate. We also could have been shooting near your location the previous day. We may need to allow for accommodation, and this is higher if it's a 2 shooter package.

How many shooters?

We shoot weddings both solo and as a duo. It depends on how big the wedding, prep locations, budget. It allows for wider coverage but is not always necessary Sometimes 1 shooter can cover the day more discreetly. We know which venues suit 2 shooters so we can make a recommendation, which you are free to ignore.

How much coverage?

Typically we always shoot from prep in the morning, usually around 11am, all the way through to about 20 minutes of dancing, usually about 10:30pm. We believe this is the optimum amount of coverage. However, we can do less if required and we can do more, by offering pre and post wedding shoots.

Final films

We do documentary features, highlights films and teasers.

There are different types of documentary feature, depending on the package.

6-8 minute short film with original music

1 minute Instagram trailers.

The longer documentary film, plus a highlights film, plus a teaser will obviously cost more than simply a highlights film.

How quickly you want it?

Our standard turnaround time for editing a wedding is 20 weeks.


All packages have a €500 deposit.
We issue a contract for all packages.
We do not take cash or cheque. All transactions are made online.
We are fully insured for public liability.
All prices are inclusive of VAT at 13.5%.
We are fully tax compliant.
We use licensed original music which we source from libraries we pay an annual subscription for.
We are licensed for drone use.
We are members of the professional body, the IPPVA.

Online or USB

We deliver the final films online via a site called Mediazilla.
We can also deliver the finished films in handcrafted wooden boxes with a wooden USB key. We don't deliver via DVD or Blu-ray unless there's a specific reason and it's agreed in advance as part of the package. The quality of DVD is extremely poor.