Eloping to Ireland

Bigday.ie is perfectly attuned to covering an elopement in Ireland. We are documentary storytellers first and foremost, and an elopement gives us a beautiful opportunity to be closely involved with the couple in an intimate setting, and create a film that is truly memorable. Chris and Mellissa are from California and wanted a special Irish country house wedding. They hired Rosedale House in Shankill Dublin for their day and with only very close family and friends present, Melissa’s best friend gave them their own special and emotional ceremony. They cooked a special meal themselves, went to the pub for pints and the only suppliers present were a photographer and ourselves.

We offer a very personal consultation process via Skype where you can get to know us and we can talk about how best to create your own film, something entirely personal to you both, something memorable and timeless. We can work with you on the budget as we understand that sometimes there are less hours involved or a more bespoke end product required. We are excited to work with creative people, couples with a quirky nature, an expressive side, who love poetry, art, music and food. It’s these shared loves that guide us towards creating something unique and special. Our elopement films are a labour of love and we would love to talk to you more about yours.

Why Choose Big Day for Elopement Weddings?

When you elope, you have a more fluid schedule to your day. An elopement wedding in Ireland is just you two, a handful of guests possibly, and your witnesses. These ceremonies have become very popular and more acceptable in recent years. It provides an extremely humbling and intimate wedding. Elopements are generally cheaper than larger weddings as only a few people are present. They are also a great option for a destination wedding. Elopements can be just as fun, classy, and stylish as any other wedding.

We will provide you with as much support as possible and we will capture those special memories with high-quality wedding films.

We offer personal consultation to every wedding couple to get to know you and to talk about how best to create your very own film in a style that is timeless and memorable to you.

We are passionate about wedding videography, providing you with an easy, fun, smooth running, and perfect wedding day.