Build your own package

We treat each client individually and build a wedding video package that is tailored to your needs.


How long do you want me to shoot for? There are 3 options:

Short – from 11am till 6pm (till the call for dinner, no speeches) – €1500

Medium – from 11am till 8pm (speeches are included) – €1750

Full – from 11am till 11pm, full day including first dance and everything up until 11pm, 12 hours of coverage – €2100


Instagram teaser/reel, within 1 week of your day – €350

Story Driven Short Film – Using dialogue from the ceremony and speeches, I craft an original film that tells the story of your day. I use original licensed music and make a number of creative choices to create the best film possible tailored to your style and needs – €500

Music Video Highlights – The whole day crammed into approximately 10 minutes set to any 2 songs of your own choice. I use some dialogue from the vows section of the ceremony. – €400

The Speeches – the speeches in full with just the incidental lulls removed. – €300

The Ceremony – the ceremony in full with only Communion and Gospel reading removed. – €300

The Full Day Film – the whole day from prep to 1st dance set to the music of your choosing. I include pretty much everything that I shot, edited only to remove bits that I don’t feel reach the quality bar. If you select this option, there’s no need to select the speeches and ceremony as above, they are both included here – €850



I really prefer to accept booking queries through the booking form as this feeds directly Into my client management system and will give you the best experience. Please fill in all the fields and give me as much information as you can about your day.

There are a limited number of dates in 2023.