A beautiful spring wedding at this wonderful venue

I treat every wedding the same, that’s the only fair and professional way to operate. I also treat every edit with the same commitment. But luck plays a factor in how a wedding film turns out, it’s inevitable in a country like Ireland where the weather plays a huge factor on the day. At Rob and Tara’s wedding in Ashley Park House all the natural elements combined with the beautiful venue, couple, atmosphere and attitude to provide me with some wonderful content for this film.

I’d never worked with Derek from Memento Photography before but we’d both been at this wonderful photography and videography conference called Islanders and I’ve subsequently got on well with every photographer who went to that event, even if I didn’t meet them there. We had a really buzzy day working together as neither of us had worked at Ashley Park before and we both realised what a goldmine it was for imagery. So many nooks and crannies, formal gardens, wild untouched areas, modern accommodation mixed with old world style, some dilapidated farm buildings which probably won’t last for long but I wish they’d remain untouched forever.

Make-up was by Luxe in Nenagh and Siobhan created a lovely atmosphere during the make-up which is apart from the obvious beauty skills is a big part of the job.

Rob is Australian and Tara is Irish. It makes me a little sad to reflect on how many young Irish people went away during the last recession and built new lives for themselves, often in Australia. I’m very happy for them, they’ve built a new life in a wonderful country but Australia’s gain is our loss, especially when Tara is a talented cardiac nurse. I can imagine that her patients are very well cared for.

There were so many lovely words spoken at this wedding, from the personal handwritten vows, to the readings, to the beautifully expressed speeches…it was a goldmine for me when editing the film and added to the beautiful imagery, I think I managed to create a film that Tara and Rob are very happy with.  I’m very proud to share a little piece of their lives.