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I’ve been shooting weddings for the last 9 years, capturing heartwarming family moments and stunning brides and grooms in beautiful surroundings, and working with so many amazing suppliers. It’s been incredible to witness and capture the joy. tears, laughter of two families coming together. I especially enjoy the loving eye to eye contact as me being there is completely forgotten about and emotion takes over. There have been amazing advances in technology especially over the last 12 months. Cameras capturing 4k content at a quality level fit for broadcast, drones that are so safe and produce amazing images, tiny remote sound recorders, incredibly fast data cards, storage, cloud backup, computers that can process huge files and editing tools enhanced by AI that enhance the final product to a level I would never have imagined.

I shoot 4K video that captures 100 individual frames every second capturing every intricate detail and emotion. Each second broken down into 100 pictures; the sensor produces sharp crisp images with beautiful colour and detail. During the edit, I can now select one or many of those frames to extract from the video and then edit them exactly as I do a photo, utilising AI enhancements not to fake the image but to increase its resolution and sharpness or alter lighting, so that the detail is so razor sharp that it’s even possible to print an A1 poster.

If the light isn’t good enough I can use flash or lighting just as image professionals have done for over a hundred years.

50% of Irish weddings only have a photographer, now I’m offering the possibility of capturing both still images and video in one service, called Hybrid. Beautifully shot and edited fly on the wall video in 4K with professional sound recording, and still images you can print for an album or put on your wall. I shoot the wedding on my own and I’m discreet, quiet, and observant often using zoom lenses to stay back from the moments so that I’m not distracting or making people feel awkward. It’s not about me, it’s about you.

Gloster House

Shooting a wedding isn’t just about the technology though, it’s about an eye for detail, an eye for what looks good in the viewfinder, how you go about your business on a wedding day, sometimes discreet, sometimes giving advice, sometimes pushing the day along and crucially interacting seamlessly with all your other suppliers so that the day runs smoothly to everyone’s plan. Having worked in so many of Ireland’s beautiful venues, you get to understand how their service works, as after all, they are the ones looking after you and your guests. So it’s important I run on schedule but still capturing all the images we discuss in our pre-wedding meeting.

Adare Manor

My approach is completely client-centric. Every couple and family is unique so I go through the day in detail beforehand and identify the content that you would be disappointed to be without or take on board your ideas and discuss options. Together we create a basic plan that takes your big picture plan into account and with a few plan B and C options if the weather doesn’t behave or things go awry. Flexibility and adaptability is the key. You learn theses things along the way, sometimes the hard way.

How it works..

Tankardstown House


The perfect combination of memories & feelings, through images and sound

Before making any decisions, I encourage you to explore my Hybrid package. Dates are filling up fast, so visit to take advantage of a special introductory rate and book a consultation to make your wedding day truly unforgettable!